Colin Shepard is a passionate cinematographer, editor and photographer based out of the Los Angeles area.  Colin's portfolio consists of commercials, documentaries, music videos, and much much more.
Colin provides full filming and editing services using professional quality equipment.  His eye for detail and ear for music allows him to turn raw footage into a beautiful final product that flows seamlessly with audio.  He undertakes each project in a unique manner, tailoring his approach to the clients needs and vision for the final product.  His creative touch and knowledge of filming helps to synergize this process, utilizing story boarding and the most unique and breath taking shots available in order to make the client's video stand out from the competition.  In addition to this, Colin applies his psychology background to his filming, using his understanding of human behavior in order to deliver a final product that is tailored to the viewers experience.  
Colin's enthusiasm and passion for cinematography is unparalleled.  He is constantly looking for ways to learn and further develop and hone his skills, leading to a state of constant improvement in his work.  He finds great pride and satisfaction in providing his clients and viewers with a multi-media experience that will immerse them in the viewing experience and engage both their senses and emotions.  Colin looks forward to meeting and working with new people, and enjoys the variety of situations he is introduced to through his filming.

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